Staff Bios


DAnny and Hailey Points

Campus Director & Campus Staff

Danny and Hailey both attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated in 2007. Danny started following Christ during his junior year of college, and it was then that he became excited about trying to have a spiritual impact on his fraternity brothers. He and his wife Hailey were greatly impacted by StuMo staff during college and have worked with StuMo for 15 years: 5 years at UT and 4 years at OU before moving to launch StuMo at Texas A&M University. They are so happy to reside in College Station at Texas A&M University. Danny enjoys playing golf, fantasy football, low hoop, and fishing.

Hailey came to faith during her sophomore year of college. In college, she fell in love with the idea of trying to influence her sorority sisters for Christ. Hailey is always up for anything. She’s an eternal optimist and enjoys cooking, finding good bargains, and being around people.

Danny and Hailey are parents to three little girls: Peyton, Pruitt, and Pearson. They bring a tremendous amount of joy to their parents' lives!


Drew and Carly barnett

Campus Staff & Women's Ministry Director

Drew graduated from The University of Texas in 2019. He grew up in San Antonio, Texas where he attended church throughout his childhood but had never truly understood that being a Christian meant having a personal relationship with Christ. During his time at UT, he met a guy on staff with Stumo in the cafeteria of his dorm and became interested in growing in his faith in college. The summer after his freshman year, he decided to go all in with Christ. As a sophomore, Drew rushed Delta Tau Delta with the hopes of impacting his pledge brothers for Christ. While being in Delt, Drew caught a vision for what it would look like to make disciples for a lifetime. Drew loves playing sports with his friends, going to concerts and being on the lake.

Carly was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She cheered competitively in high school and continued when she went to college at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in Edmond, Oklahoma. Carly was very involved in her sorority in college and loves getting to work with girls on campus at A&M! Carly would say her best experience in college was meeting an older girl who told her about the impact she could have on others with her faith. Carly made a decision to trust Christ before college. She gained vision from her friend to leave a legacy in her sorority and at her campus for Christ.  She loves meeting new people and helping them explore what it could look like to walk with God in college and beyond.

Carly loves concerts, being active and making things fun!

Drew and Carly got married in December 2020, and they are so excited to work alongside each other at A&M! 

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Jared Stavinoha

Campus Staff/Director of Prayer

Jared graduated from Texas A&M University (Class of 2017!) 


Growing up, Jared attended church in his hometown of Houston, Texas but never had spent much time investigating how to make his faith his own. After a couple of years in college, Jared learned what it meant to really have a relationship with Christ while living in Dallas and interning at J.P. Morgan. Following that summer, Jared came back to his fraternity at Texas A&M with vision to make an impact on guys and teach them all that he had learned about his faith. He loves telling guys about how God changed his life and the joy he finds in Christ!


Jared enjoys hunting, fishing, surfing, camping and anything else outdoors.


Samantha Snider

Campus Staff

Samantha recently graduated from Texas A&M University (class of 2020!)​. She was born and raised in Burnet, TX and grew up dancing and was apart of a Hip Hop dance team in college. The summer after graduating high school she was very eager to grow in her faith, then the first day being on campus she became friends with a girl on staff with StuMo. After spending a lot of time with her, Samantha saw what it looked like to follow Jesus and continued to take steps to grow in her faith. The summer after her freshman year, she decided to make Jesus the Lord of her life. Samantha was very excited to come back to campus to live in the Delta Gamma house and make an impact in her sorority for God's Kingdom. Once she saw girls around her have the same life change she had from following Jesus, Samantha realized she wanted to continue her time investing in the lives of girls in college. She finds so much joy in telling others around her how to have a fulfilling life walking with God. ​ 


Samantha loves to celebrate people, spend time with her family, and dance when she has free time! 


Charlie Menton

Campus Staff

Charlie recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2021.  Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Charlie went to church throughout childhood but never made his faith his own. After deciding to go UT for college, Charlie pledged Sigma Chi where he met an older guy in his fraternity who was following Jesus. Charlie got to see what it looked like to have a personal relationship with Jesus and how to impact others for Christ. The summer after his freshman year of college, Charlie started following Jesus himself and gained vision to spend the rest of his time in college to impact others for Christ. He is excited to now live in College Station and help guys at A&M walk with God in college!


Charlie enjoys playing sports, spending time with friends and making memories!


Kelci Beach

Campus Staff

Kelci recently graduated from Texas A&M University (Class of 2021)! 


She grew up in Humble, TX and could not wait to be an Aggie after she graduated high school. Coming into college, she did not know what it looked like to have a relationship with Jesus but knew she wanted to grow in her faith. Kelci started attending Bible studies in her sorority, Delta Gamma, led by a StuMo staff girl. Fall of her freshman year, she decided to make Jesus the Lord of her life. Kelci fell in love with having a personal relationship with the Lord and impacting those around her for Christ. She has found so much joy in knowing Jesus and watching those around her experience the same joy. She is so grateful and excited to stay in College Station to help others walk with Christ! 


Kelci enjoys spending time with her friends and family, making memories, and dancing!

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